The Ood Cast S05E19 – Gregory McCaramel

“I find the sight of a man begging for the lives of his friends… quite sensual.”

In which we meet a fellow with a strange new face, remember former glories, podcast telepathically & Chip doesn’t kill anyone.

Reviews: The Name of the Doctor
Air Date: 31st May 2013
Additional notes: This episode, our season finale, contains our most ambitious sketch to date with 17 podcasters from 3 separate continents getting involved. Thanks to The Doctor Who Podcast, The Tin Dog Podcast, Radio Rassilon, The Minute Doctor Who PodcastDoctor Who: The Writer’s Room, The Doctor Who Book Club, Two-minute Time Lord, Radio Free Skaro and Verity! for their wonderful vocal stylings. Happy summer everyone (or winter).

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  1. (hopping from foot to foot in excitement) When will you be releasing “That’s Not My Name”? I’m training for a 5 K and that will get me going! (Chambers of Your Heart is already a go-to song!)

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  3. Absolutely loved your Doctor Who Podcast alliance sketch at the beginning. Completely hilarious, but also brilliantly done.

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