The Ood Cast S03E15 – The Rest is Silence

“You should all devote countless hours to rubbing baby oil into our huge freaky heads.”

Equipment malfunctions be damned- this week three of the Oods brush aside a major technical hitch and are joined by the 2 Minute Time Lord and Radio Free Skaro motormouths Chip and Steven as they bring you their review of ‘Day of the Moon’, the episode so scary that Laura attempted to hide behind both parents and her fiancé at the same time, whilst trying to appear nonchalant.

It didn’t work.

With cracking sketches and a tribute to the King of Soft Rock, this glitchtastic Oodcast will hopefully be worth the wait…

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  1. The Oodcast is ALWAYS worth the wait!
    Thanks so much for making one podcast a week while the episodes of season 6 are airing, it mustn’t be easy to find the time and all the sketches ideas.

    I’m looking forward to listen to this Oodcast!

  2. Well done on another aweseme episode guys!!! Shame Alpha couldn’t be there though, just that ne missing chain in the link. I especially loved the sketches featuring the President. Keep up teh good work!

  3. Yes, your commitment to produce a weekly show complete with sketches and songs is really quite remarkable. You guys are the best! Missing Alpha this week, but still a brilliant result as always.

    But I had no idea Bryan Adams is considered the King of Soft Rock. Did he have President Nixon’s help in acquiring the title?

  4. Your theory that the reason the Doctor doesn’t investigate the little girl right away is because the episodes were shuffled around is a good one. But, if that is true, it makes you wonder if the box set for season 6 will be in the planned order or broadcast order.

    It could also be that the Doctor, seeing Amy’s Schroedinger pregnancy, realizes it is too early to investigate – something hasn’t happened yet.

    Keep of the good work! Loved Summer of 69′!

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