The Ood Cast S03E02 – The Sontaran Ones

“What happens if you cut off his legs? If you bisect the Doctor, do you get two Doctors?”

In this fortnight’s episood, we get mildly heated over regenerative issues, dissect some classic British comedy TV, find out what a Splish is, create some memorable nicknames for former Doctors and tackle both Madness and The Beatles (no, it’s not about ‘Turn Left’).

Join us for a packed episode- and find the answer to the riddle – ‘Why did the Timelord jump out of the tree?’

There might even be a special guest or ten …

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  1. Another wonderful show! One thing I have come to realize over time is that I enjoy listening multiple times, due to the richness of your material – much in the way a good book can be re-read. I love the frivolous use of regeneration. I regret not having seen the “Young Ones” in twenty years, I think some of the references were lost on me.

    Guys, when you’re all writer/actor/producers of the biggest comedy sketch show in the UK, I only hope BBC America has the brains to show it here.

    Cheers! Keep up the brilliant work.

  2. Great show. Laura, I thought the two songs were both really clever. Andrew and Alpha, your voices are very different.

  3. LOVE the song Doctor who writer…..BRILLIANT STUFF will that be release as a seperate MP3? ..And Of course I do love the rest of the podcast!…Young Ones is just…Sublime…I know I’m a geek because I’m still snickering about a Cyberman winning the Commonwreath games!…and why it’s funny. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks everyone! Think we really found our feet this week, and we had a ball making it!

    Mordicus – thinking about the Young Ones sketch, I don’t think having seen it recently is any advantage… the only references were Who ones… Unless I did a much better job than I thought! 🙂

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