The Ood Cast S02E15 – Bigger on the Offside

“I’m trying to think of a biscuit that rhymes with Pandorica …”

On this week’s sparkling Ood Cast, we embrace World Cup fever … and talk about “The Lodger”.

Join us as we find out what happened when the footballing might of Gallifrey’s sole player took on the ringers of Skaro’s planetary playmakers; blow the whistle on a secret habit that the Littlest Doctor thought he had hidden from everyone; discover what some football pundits made of James Corden’s constant presence on our screens at the weekend, sympathise with Laura’s sore throat, get slightly put off by the Master of theatrical gestures and also hear what topical thing Alpha thinks should be in the next series of Who.

So, squeeze yourself through those turnstiles, get a mug of bovril and settle down for kick off with the Ood Cast.

Plunger ball!

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  1. I loved the football game, best match ever! I listened to it three times and I’m still laughing. A very good podcast for a very good episode, thank you.

  2. Great show all. Chris, I thought Jammie Dodgica was spot on. Laura, when is the recipe book coming out (who else would have thought of replacing butter with peanut butter in an apple crumble)? It’s always more fun when you disagree about plot holes, it was rather too ‘nice’ this week, but I think you were right about Karen Gillan’s mono-level acting, it was a bit shrill. The football match was very clever but I still think your sketches would work better if they were shorter. Yeah, I know difficult given how quickly you turn things around. Anyways, well done again, I always look forward to the show. Cheers.

  3. great show.
    I think I failed to understand a few football jokes though.
    Bewildering game-
    I watched one of the world cups, bizarre.
    First the players mill around the center of the field and try too kick the ball to other players wearing the same colored shirt.
    Then, when someone comes too close to the player with the ball, he falls down to indicate he wants to audition for the Raymond Burr role in “Ironside”.
    If the referee likes the audition the player wins a golden ticket!
    Then the opposing team lines up like in the Usual Suspects and the Player who fell down attempts to identify his attacker by hitting him with a ball, in the nuts.
    Then the goalie totally cheats and uses his hands to return the ball to the field so the milling around can begin again.
    Then there’s a tie so no one feels bad.
    Seriously, who invented this game? David Lynch?

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