The Ood Cast S02E08 – Angel Delight

“I can save the day from ANYTHING!”

Dare you come out from behind that sofa?

Of course you should. We’ve got a new Ood Cast for you. And this week, we talk about every aspect of “The Time of Angels” except for the angels themselves, we welcome the first Dalek agony aunt, face up to the most daunting Who villain ever and the littlest Doctor pays us a visit…

We also eavesdrop on the end of a long day for a Weeping Angel as well as a ballad to make even the most stoney-hearted heavenly creature crumble…

So, download and feast on this!

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  1. Very very good, very funny, really enjoyed it especialy the darlek agony aunt and the angel sketch at the begining. Looking forward to the next episode. Keep it up folks.

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