Trailer nonsense

I am writing at the end of the week where the good Dok-tor was replaced by a bunch of over-made-up European tunebreakers. Eurovision took preference, and Who fans have had to make do with a teaser trailer again.

I also write this just after the first ever get-together of the Ood Cast writers – fine gentlemen, all – and the night before the Moff unleashes what looks to be an even more frightening story than last year’s Blink. Only this time, we have to get through two episodes behind our white knuckles!

I actually quite like the break to accomodate Eurovision. And that’s not just because I like the Eurovision (although, embarrassingly, perhaps, I do – even if it is mainly for Sir Terry) but it affords us a bit of a breather before we set off on the usually terrifying road to the season finale. And it gives us a chance to ruminate on what’s been and get pant-wettingly excited about what’s coming up.

But some take this more seriously than others. Some can’t stand the week’s break (really – think about how long we had to wait for the series to come back, guys – what’s a week?), and others take what they’re given and over analyse to a ridiculous extent.

My colleague Andrew told us about a fan website he occasionally looks at (I won’t bother plugging it, and you’ll see why*), and that the last time he went there, there was a huge spoiler – the title of the still secret Episode 12 – on the front page for all to see, whether they want to or not. I hate this – I really don’t want to know what’s going to happen until it’s on a TV screen in front of me, thank you very much. And that’s why I’m not overly excited by the mid-season trailer. It was much of a muchness to me – nothing very new here – we knew the Daleks would probably be involved thanks for the pre-season trailers that appeared on the BBC Youtube channel, and the trailers and other interviews with past guests seem to have revealed that we’re also going to see Harriet Jones back, as well as Captain Jack and Sarah Jane Smith (although Rose holding a gun is a bit of a jarring image (not sure a certain timelord is going to approve of that…).

Oh, except of course for the glimpse of what could be Davros.

It would be fabulous if it was. But the thing that rankles is this: some fans have taken the images of the dalek-thing that could be Davros, and are analysing it. So they can try and find out if it really is Davros.

I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW! And I am not entirely sure if people who do things like that are really proper fans of the show – probably obsessives rather than fans. But why inflict this on others? If you want to spoil it for yourselves, go ahead. Otherwise, go out and meet some people in the flesh instead of online.

I just don’t see the point. The beauty of the last series was enhanced for me by the fact that I steered clear of the fan debates and the speculation online. All the episodes were fresh and new to me – and I loved every second of every one of them – maybe with the exception of the bad CGI Mark-Gatiss-monster in The Lazarus Experiment… and anyone who knows how much I like the Master as a character can only imagine the kind of joy I went through in discovering the final three parts of series 3 (or 29 if you’re picky). I’m more immersed in the whole “whoniverse” this time, and I like it, although some of the more critical judgements of fans make me want to stop paying attention. I’m looking forward to whatever is about to come.

*Of course, were there to be a commentary track for these blog posts, I may accidentally reveal that I didn’t plug it because I forgot the name of the site… Of course, I wouldn’t do such a thing on here…

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