The Ood Cast Guide #17: Macra

A rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence (often a sequence of characters) should be mapped to an output sequence (also often a sequence of characters) according to a defined procedure.

Ah. No. Now that there is a “macro”, isn’t it?

Macra are giant, crab-like and crabby in all sorts of ways, living on gases which would be poisonous to humans and prone to eating one or two ape descendants when peckish or feeling rather peeved after a hard day.

When the Tenth Doctor discovered them prowling underneath the motorways of “New Earth”, he called them the “scourge of the galaxy” – a race which once owned and ruled over a large empire. However, when the Second Doctor found them, they were roughing it in a gas refinery – brainwashing the inhabitants of a nearby holiday camp into continuing the production of the vital gases they need to survive. They were masters of manipulative mind control techniques, duping their RC humans into keeping them alive and putting on a fake smile in the process.

If you ask me, it’s not the Macra’s fault – I mean what type of idiot wants to holiday next to a whopping great gas plant in the first place?! And frankly, you’re just asking for trouble if you shove your holiday camp next to the one with the infestation of gigantic crabs, too…

Having been outwitted by the Second Doctor (who incited a revolution and blew them up using a combustible mix of gases), the Tenth Doctor found them hiding from Rick Stein underneath New New York, surviving on the traffic fumes, nicking cars and eating the contents on his way to have a chat with the Face of Boe. It seems that billions of years on from their explosive first encounter with the Doctor, all evolution had done for them was reduce them to nasty, bullying predators.

I read somewhere that these were the only monsters to have appeared just once in the new series. But that’s blatant nonsense, so I’m not going there. Only returning monsters to only feature once, I can believe, but then, how do you fit a Crabzilla into caves under Stonehenge?

The Essentials

First Appearance: The Macra Terror (1967)

Best complimented by: mayonnaise and lemon wedge. Maybe some of that pink seafood sauce.

Weaknesses: Explosions. Large pans of boiling water.

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  1. While I appreciate your efforts to continue the guide series, let’s face it: after the Myrka, everything is anticlimactic.

    Just kidding. I enjoy these immensely, please continue.

  2. Post

    I know what you mean… it felt like I’d hit the pinnacle when I wrote that one! There’s plenty still to cover, so don’t worry, I’m not stopping yet!

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