The Ood Cast and the Ridiculously Ambitious Summer Project…

OK, so we have a lovely summer ahead of us now, with no Who, no Ood Cast, and only 3 episodes of Sherlock to wait for… Oh and that Torchwood thing, too.

But, as the sunny days start to distract us Oods, the blog seems to fall back into my care while the others are all off being busy with plays and weddings and that.  But I have plans…

I’ll try and keep the discerning visitors to the site busy with some brand new entries for the Ood Cast Guide (if anyone has requests for things I haven’t already written, drop us a line), and also with a bit of a special Haiku challenge.

You might remember that in the episodes where we reviewed Series 6 part 1 (that’s what the DVD is called, so I’m sticking to that), I tried to sum up the episodes with Haikus.  Well, starting this summer, I’ll be having a go at trying to sum up every story from 1963 to 2011…

It is almost certainly a crazy thing to try and do, but it’ll be fun, and hey I have a head start, having already written the last 6. And hopefully I’ll start to uncover bits and pieces I’ve missed or forgotten over the years along the way…

By the end of it (which I imagine will be well after the summer break has finished) I’ll have written over 200 of the things.  And will probably need a darkened room to lie down in for a bit.

The intention will be to write a season of Who each week (which to start with will mean roughly one a day), but that may change as we go along.  For now, though – Season One will be up and about for you to read at the end of this week.

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  1. Ooo! I’m really looking forward to these! I haven’t seen much Old Who, but this’ll be a good summary of old stories and an excellent recap of what I have seen. It’ll also be “epicness on a stick” to make up for the cold winter down here in Aus. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Alpha!
    For the Ood Cast Guide, perhaps you could do the Silence, or maybe even the headless monks? In terms of Classic Who, perhaps the Vervoids or Sil? Or maybe even the Timelords? Or Axons/Axon men? Or the Kandyman (haha, I like this guy, he looks tasty :P)?

  3. How about Zygons, Bessie/Whomobile, Klangers (I loved the Ood’s Klanger convention visitor), and Yeti.

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