The (Musical) Beast Below

Finally got around to editing together the music video for Laura’s song from our episode “Pond Life”. It’s the one set to the tune of Mark Ronson’s version of “Valerie”, retelling the events of “The Beast Below” from Amy’s point of view.

On top of Laura’s amazing vocals, with the visuals it actually makes a really good summary of the whole plot. Like a musical summation.

If you like these, leave a comment (and a suggestion of which of our songs you’d like to see tackled next) and we’ll get going on it.

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  1. Excellent. Really good lyrics matched with the episode and made it seem fresh and exciting again. Plus, of course, Laura is a sensation. She is a star and i predict a great future for her in musical, comedy on stage and screen.

  2. Laura, you did a fantastic job! Now the only problem is that I want to see videos for ALL Season 5 episodes! Please… please… pretty please!!

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