The Eaters of Light

The Ood One Out – The Eaters of Light

Some pretty impressive guerrilla-podcasting this week. This whole episode was recorded, edited and uploaded in under 2 hours from start to finish. So expect a certain … artisanal roughness … as the Sigmas review The Eaters of Light.


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  1. Hey, late to the party but really enjoying these! Currently halfway through this one and had to make a comment about art. Medieval artist, sculptors, and carpenters definitely made art which was not meant to be observed (by humans, anyway). There are any number of examples in cathedrals where art is hidden away, for the appreciation of God alone. Does that count?

    This might have already been pointed out on Facebook, of course. In fact, this season has made me want to sign up to Facebook just so I can join the commoodity. See how transformative your discussions are?

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