NEW ALBUM – Marriages & Stopped Clocks

Trock, Doctor Who, Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, Ood CastWelcome, intrepid listeners.

Feast your ears on the Ood Cast’s new direction – an electric joyride through 25 tracks of dubstep delight. We hope you wub it as much as we wub’d recording it.

That’s not what you were expecting? Oh well. Back to the ‘B’ side….

This time it’s songs from the fourth & fifth series of The Ood Cast – Doctor Who parodies from every conceivable genre of music from folk to rap (yes … rap)  via Jonny Cash, Aqua, Ani Difranco, Jonathan Coulton & Ed Sheeran…

… but if those guys were interested in human-shaped spaceships, minotaurs, cyborgs & Steven Moffat.

TWENTY FIVE tracks for your listening pleasure, including two songs that are EXCLUSIVE to the album. You can’t hear them anywhere else.

Click here to go to our downloads page.

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  1. Another great album. I’m deployed to Afghanistan, and not always in an area with good internet. So I was very happy to check your website and see several new oodcasts and a new album. One question. Since I’m somewhat older (born during the broadcast of Wheel in Space) I’m not familiar with all the songs you base your parodies on. My tolerance for new music mostly ended around the end of the 90’s. The only way I know the original song for Business of Rivery is that song in on the game, Guitar Hero. Is there a list? Gunslinger’s Gone To War seems familiar, but I can’t figure out the original. This goes for your earlier albums as well. 4 Chords of Time being especially vexing. Regardless, love your work, and I shared it with the other hard core Whovian in my unit. Sincerely, a fan.

  2. This is a fantastic album. Coincidentally, I watched an older episode of “Criminal Minds” and they used the Johnny Cash song Laura used for “Hurt.” I MUCH prefer Laura’s song!
    Love the podcast, guys!

  3. Post

    Hello Joe! ‘Gunslinger’ is ‘Everybody’s gone to War by Nerina Pallot – and 4 chords is a big mish-mash. I love a bit of the old traditional stuff myself too – I’m just working on some Joni Mitchell…
    Glad it’s entertaining you – would be happy to provide a list of the originals for you!

  4. I love all the music on the podcast and have just recently found your download page, though well hidden, but to my dismay I get ther error: “Download path is invalid!” when trying any of the links. Have the download moved to a different location? If so, I would love to know where.

  5. Hi i love the podcast and the last 2 albums but have not being able to download the new album

  6. I love everything about your podcast. I recommend it to every whovian I find and (I’ll admit it) I listen to your music every day. I love it. But as a Non-native English speaker, I sometimes wonder what exactly the lyrics are saying. Do you think we could get the lyrics somewhere?

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