The Ood Cast S02E09 – More Death, Vicar?

“Only in Doctor Who would you have a conversation … with a man in the process of having his neck snapped.”

Pull up a comfy chair and relax – it’s nice in here …

In this week’s Ood Cast, we treat you so very, very well. As well as the regular news and the usual review, we explore the musical side to the Byzantium with two songs – TWO!

We do actually talk a bit about Flesh and Stone too, as well as grabbing a sneaky peek at the future of Church fetes, and maybe … just maybe, there’s a Myrka joke hiding in there somewhere …

So, pour yourself something to calm the nerves and have a listen …

We’ll get you sorted out.

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  1. I truly love this podcast! I truly did not expect the first song while I was at work and I had to fight hard to keep fromlaughing out loud. It got so bad tears where streaming down my cheeks. Thank you so much for all the work you do on this podcast.

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