The Ood Cast S02E05 – Pond Life

“Automatically, as soon as you heard it, you had your pulse rising, you were jollied along, it was like riding a horse full tilt into the jaws of danger.”

Finally, we have new Doctor Who to talk about. After a year of intermittent fits and starts, one-off specials and tortured swan songs, we’ve suddenly got pure unadulterated Who delivered direct to our brain boxes, jolting us out of our navel-gazing like a hit of adrenalin straight to the heart. BAM!

The 11th Hour has blazed across our screens, as surreal as it was beautiful, full of cocksure swagger, tingling spines and slightly dodgy CGI. But was it everything we hoped? Is the future of our beloved programme in safe hands?

Find out in this week’s slightly extended episode of The Ood Cast, a heady brew of fevered discussion, zero tolerance, fickle youngsters, heartfelt balladry and lion metaphors.

Where do you want to start?

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  2. It redirects me to my own facebook page.
    Then I searched facebook for theoodcast / the ood cast / oodcast, and didn’t find it.
    then I went through the friend lists the DWPA facebook page and didn’t find it.
    then I gave up.
    I’m pretty new to facebook though, I’m not completely sure how it works, so I thought I’d ask.

  3. Hey guys,

    Drac – the full address of our page is – if that doesn’t work then I guess it must be a international connection issue. Bummer for us!

    Tom – We’d love to make a trailer for you. Thanks for the offer, I’m sure we can return the favour too. What sort of length would you like?


  4. I was going to surf over to the thread in the Alliance forum and find some examples for length, then I realized you already had one in that thread! It is mighty long, though, so if you were to put together a promo that was a minute or two long, I’d be pleased to play it (I used to try to put one promo in each episode, but it’s a habit I’ve fallen out of and would like to resume).

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