The Ood Cast S08E09 – Be Kind

“To be honest, a lot of things have made me cry over the past few days but this was a different kind of cry.

In which we review an episode of Doctor Who, filmed in a cupboard in one take, that still manages to be everything that is kind and clever in the world.

Reviews: Message from the Doctor
Air Date: 25th March 2020
Song: “Doctor in a Cupboard” based on “Michael in the Bathroom” from “Be More Chill”
Sketches: Hide & Strax by Chris Mead.
Haiku: Even in hiding/ she’s saving us from ourselves/ darkness never wins
Additional notes: Even though this is our shortest episode ever (although at just under 7 minutes it’s still approximately four times longer than the video it is reviewing) – it also features the BIGGEST GUEST STAR we’ve ever had on The Ood Cast. So thank you to our incredible friend (taking a break from nursing and destroying his enemies in battle).

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