The Ood Cast S08E03 – A Sting in the Tale

“That’s a genuinely warm feeling I get when he … talks about buses.

In which we systematise monster creation, speculate on how gluten-intolerant alien scorpions are and ruminate on how history can treat the most brilliant of us.

Reviews: Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror
Air Date: 19th January 2020
Song: “Danger High Voltage (Tesla edit)” based on “Danger High Voltage” by Electric 6
Sketches: Creating Fear by Chris Fosten. No Patents by Chris Fosten. Bread Ahead by Chris Mead.
Haiku: Inventor wanted/ by sparky alien queen/ their end is a shock
Additional notes: Some of us didn’t watch the episode itself until a few hours before recording. That makes for some frenzied sketch writing. Also Loz wasn’t here this week but still manages to be in the episode a lot. Technology, eh?

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