The Ood Cast S08E01 – Doctor Yes

“Can you slide shambolically?”

“You can – it hurts though. It’s hell on the knees.”

In which we return … again, no one is very good at spying, we discuss the big reveals and everyone turns out to be The Master.

Reviews: Spyfall Parts I & II
Air Date: 1st January 2020 & 5th January 2020
Song: “Spyfall” based on “Skyfall” by Adele
Additional notes: It really doesn’t seem that long since we were all together but it is DEFINITELY over a year. Scary how fast time moves but probably appropriate given our subject matter. In terms of amazing ‘making of’ info for this episode – we’ve upgraded our editing equipment and lost our sound effects library in the process so the sound of the omelette being whisked was recorded LIVE in the Ood kitchen. Wow!

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