The Ood Cast S07E07 – Assassins in Need

“People are unfathomably cruel to each other. Nationalism and tribalism … that turns people into caricatures of the worst aspects of humanity.”

In which we’re divided but not conquered, talk gender, shop for bread and one man has a very busy death indeed …

Reviews: Demons of the Punjab

Air Date: 11th November 2018
Song: “Both Sides of the Border” based on “Both Sides of the Story” by Phil Collins
Additional notes: Once again the Oods are split up for this episode but it’s probably appropriate for the subject matter that we’re geographically dispersed. If you’re interested in seeing the Children in Need segment that we mention, there’s a great article on it here

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  1. The Doctor has been afraid before, and also quite nurturing towards his/her companions.

    This is definitely still The Doctor, and perhaps this change is borne of a need for it?
    The Doctor has been very arrogant in the past, and tried to be less so with both 11 and 12 – I suppose 13 is the tipping point, where our fave Gallifreyan has finally learned to put aside ego and give others a chance.
    This isn’t a new trait either though, Doc 9 trusted Rose, 10 trusted in human beings better nature even though he falls near end, a victim of his own arrogance.
    Perhaps we, the viewers just notice these traits a bit more because of the gender change?

    Also, loved the episode despite the dark theme.
    Heartbreak, such as war and fanaticism will invariably cause.
    Man… I’m all over the place…

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