The Ood Cast S07E06 – Angry Grey Zombie Potato

“If the Pting guzzles energy then the Doctor guzzles knowledge…”

In which we compare ourselves to gods, are completely out of touch with mainstream opinion, shop the Soft Strike range and get our ER on…

Reviews: The Tsuranga Conundrum
Air Date: 4th November 2018
Song: “Nom Nom Nom” based on “You’ll Be Back” by Hamilton Original Broadway Cast
Additional notes: Chris Sigma has been wanting to make Loz do a Hamilton song for YEARS. The Doctor mentioning the musical during the episode was all the excuse he needed. Thanks, Chibnall. CHIBNALL!!!!!

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  1. Between Laura’s splendid Hamilton-based song and the delightful Doctor of LEGO sketch, this might be my favorite Ood Cast episode ever. And that’s a high bar to clear, let me assure you. Cheers!

  2. Avoiding the internet is a must in general.
    Seems most fora is lead by the lowest (and angriest) denominator – thankfully with time you learn to like the things you like and let others do the same.
    You lot share the fun of things, thus accumulating more joy.

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