The Ood Cast S07E05 – Spider-Van

“It was like being slapped directly on the nose by a side of ham…”

In which a spider takes a cheat day, Doctor Who gets it’s own Saturday morning kids TV theme,  we make the mistake of assuming everything that rhymes is alike and no one admits to being scared…

Reviews: Arachnids in the UK
Air Date: 28th October 2018
Song: “Spider-Doc” based on “Spider-Man” by Moxy Fruvous
Additional notes: This week’s song is insanely catchy and took Loz a huge amount of time because she had to create all the layered harmonies from scratch. The original by Canadian band Moxy Fruvous is worth hunting down – we hope our version does it justice.

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  1. It is such a pleasure you have you back to chewing the fat about my fave TV-show.
    I’ve been around since Tom Baker, and I’ve always enjoyed it.
    Also, the collective noun for spiders is “cluster” or “clutter” – but “skittering” is wonderful.

    Anyway! Thanks for sharing.

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