The Ood Cast S06E07 – Space Hustle

“It was a bit like Sean Connery trying to do an American accent through an electrified sock…”

In which we dive into hazelnut syrup,  mash circuit boards into our faces and both accents and clones get murdered.

Reviews: Time Heist
Air Date: 20th September 2014
Song: “Spoon Forehead” based on “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey
Additional notes: This episode was recorded in the present day of 2015. Next week we return to 2014 – yes, our brains hurt too.

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  1. Hiya! I’m Kitty, and this was the first Oodcast I’ve ever listened to. I’m now hooked. (Thanks a lot!) Your comments were interesting, and I’ve got a new perspective on Time Heist. I’ll be singing the song all week, too, so cheers for that too. It’s worth mentioning that one of the Big Finish audios (“Glory Days”) features the characters breaking into a bank run by clones of the same person. It’s got the characters trying to find something that they really, really want- although they aren’t quite sure what it is- and it has a Gambit Roulette on both sides. I’m 75% sure that it was released before Time Heist aired, too. Just an interesting fact. 😀
    Kitty out!

  2. You know who the Architect REALLY sounded like? Jeff Bridges. Seriously. Listen again. I thought it WAS him for a few seconds.

    The “Apple Brain” bit was really fantastic. I laughed way way too hard at my desk.
    “Do you remember the film ‘The Matrix?’ We do.”

    And… of course… the “Goldfinger” parody at the end was the biggest stretch ever. And yet, because of that, it was even more awesome. Lots of laughs in this episode.

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