The Ood Cast S06E01 – The Day of the Ood Cast

“I punched the air in delight!”

“No, that was my face.”

In which we make noises like guinea pigs, create a surprising new French dessert, decorate a cake in an unorthodox way and thwart some evil doppelgängers.

Reviews: The Day of the Doctor
Air Date: 23rd November 2013
Additional notes: This episode was recorded in January 2014 which is an embarrassingly long time after the anniversary episode aired. However we didn’t publish the podcast until July 2014 so the whole January thing isn’t looking so bad now, is it?

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  1. Will this reach iTunes before the Series 8 premiere?

    Oh, I’m happy you’re back as well! Just want to hear the podcast is all.

  2. I’ve missed you all and was very happy to listen to the newest episode! Welcome back. 🙂 Oh and congratulations Andy on the working during the day and sleeping at night. I’m very excited for you about that!

  3. Hooray! I’ve checked the RSS nearly every day, and have now been rewarded. Downloading as I type. Hope Laura’s better now!

  4. It’s been an exceptionally long time, but wow, I’m so very happy to have found this in my podcast feed this morning!!! I’m clearly not in the right loops (won’t do Facebook and am not on Twitter), so I hadn’t heard anyone was ailing.

    Thank you guys so much for returning to my ears, and hope to have many more episodes to come!

  5. What a delightful episode! Everyone was on top of their game, and what a treat it was to hear Erik joining in as well.

    The biggest surprise of the episode was Laura’s emphatic reaction to Tom Baker’s appearance in “Day of the Doctor.” Given how positive the group usually is in discussing the show, I had to wonder if the Rude Cast had snuck back in. 🙂

    This is strictly speculation on my part, but I couldn’t help thinking Tom was correcting his earlier decision not to appear in “The Five Doctors.” It may sound silly, but were I him, I’d have regretted that choice and wanted to do something about it. I’ve no idea if the Moff had to twist Tom’s arm at all, or if he was truly eager to appear, but either way I was thrilled to see him in the episode.

    (I also suspect that Eccleston may come to regret his decision not to do “Day of the Doctor.” If so, I hope he doesn’t have to wait 30 years to appear again. Admittedly, Eccleston seems to harbor some serious indifference to the show, so I’m probably completely wrong about this. But who among us would have predicted Tom’s return at this point? Time will tell.)

  6. Wheeeeee! Just downloaded, soon to be listening, can’t be more eloquent then that. Tah!

  7. Great to see you guys back again. I hope all is well in OODLand and we’ll be hearing more from you all as the 8th season progresses and beyond. Laura’s singing voice is brilliant as usual. The skits were funny and all the great OODCAST elements are back in place. As I write this there’s 46 days til new Who. And hopefully 46 days and a week until the review podcast. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Capaldi will do with the Doctor and what you guys will do with the new show. Take care and great to see you back again.

  8. This totally lightened up my day (if that is a phrase…?) and im soooo happy you guys are back, looking forward to hearing you in the future and i ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE LET IT GO PARODY because that is currently my favourite song (im obsessed with Disney at the moment 😛 )
    Thank you so much for just generally making me full of joy!

  9. WOHOO!!! You’re back!!!!

    This was another Awesome episode!!!

    Please don’t wait another 9 months for the next one…

  10. The War Doctor felt like a gimmick, a twist for the sake of a twist. Now some time has passed and it feels worse. We are now stuck with a blemish on the show, an underdeveloped incarnation made up for a single story. He sticks out from the rest of the Doctors (a Doyle perspective) and I don’t mean in a good way.

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