The Ood Cast S05E18 – Life’s Too Silver

“We have to get the thrip-wibble to modulate the tharack bar.”

In which we broadcast in glorious stereo, a cyber pig gets locked in a cupboard of shame, there is a terrible flute solo and we check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Reviews: Nightmare in Silver
Air Date: 16th May 2013
Additional notes: Guest star Warwick Davis has been in more SF films than you can shake a light sabre at. But we chose to name this episode after a Ricky Gervais mockumentary he starred in. It isn’t very funny. At one point, he gets stuck in a dog flap.

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  1. LOL @ the cyber sofa. Good podcast, as usual 🙂

    The episode itself wasn’t Gaiman-y enough for me (to the point where I started a new silly theory – I have a series of them – that they mixed the writers’ names in 7b.
    I mean, how could Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and Curse of the Black Spot have been written by the same person?) – but – I enjoyed it. Matt’s acting was brilliant, I love it when he’s given a new challenge.

    BTW, there’s a theory going on in the internets about the chubby soldier that kind of resembles Craig actually being Alfie / Stormy.

    Every Moffat episode-before-last features a Cyberman!

    Can’t wait till Saturday.

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