The Ood Cast S05E17 – Red Dead Redemption

“It was like Batman with old people.”

In which we feel pity for baby kangaroos, hit people with chairs, varnish stuff with syrup & end up red-faced.

Reviews: The Crimson Horror
Air Date: 9th May 2013
Additional notes: Two sketches this week had to be completely re-done because Sigma used the laptop’s internal microphone to record them by mistake. The Northern gentleman in the first sketch (with a voice like melted chocolate) is special guest star, Jim Atkins. The other one is Alpha. He is trying out a range of accents.

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  1. Great show, Oods! You’ve no idea how much of a relief it is to listen to one of your podcasts with all the hysterical negativity apparently being aimed at Dr Who online these days. Hearing the latest Oodcast is like an audio cup of hot chocolate.

    And last episood’s version of Business Time had me grinning all week!

  2. I spent an evening recently re-watching shows with some friends. While we were watching The Empty Child I was hard pressed not to giggle during that very dramatic scene of the Doctor examining Dr. Constantine’s patients in the hospital.

    The Empty Child was the very first New Who I saw, and the goings on around me were nearly as creepy as the episode itself. Now it gives me a grin, imagining the Doctor with a chair… 😀

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