The Ood Cast S05E14 – I Love the 80s

“The Ice Warriors are a double threat, if they could dance they’d be a triple threat…”

In which there is much electronica and hippity-hopping, a mammoth foetus, broken bones and broken promises and a lovely pickle.

Reviews: Cold War
Air Date: 18th April 2013
Additional notes: This entire episode was recorded with all the Oods sitting crossed legged on the floor beside a low table. All except Chris Sigma. He had a luxury bean bag.

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  1. I was going to nitpick about episode 13+14 and then you fixed it 🙁

    O hai btw! I’m new here, found you through your music. Now I like your podcast too..

    Regarding HADS – I believe the Doctor said he tinkered with it. That’s why it hasn’t disappeared previously.

    Jenna talked about the bracelet in an interview so maybe it doesn’t have any significance or she’d keep quiet about it.

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