The Ood Cast S05E13 – Here Comes the Sun

“When I saw my wife, I was so aroused I vomited up a fruit salad!”

In which there is fried food, a series of cute robots, bendy fingers, classical reminiscing and a small child eating a pear.

Reviews: The Rings of Akhaten
Air Date: 11th April 2013
Additional notes: During this week the Sigmas have escaped London and  travelled to all three countries in Great Britain. Lots of planets have a north…

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  1. I just wanted to say, about the (Doctor Who) episode’s name, that as a native Hebrew speaker it kept looking like “Rings of Kach-VaTen”, the last words regard trading (“give and take”).
    I really liked how the episode featured a traders market – a “Kach-VaTen” market 🙂

    Regarding translation, the TARDIS certainly didn’t let her in – they obviously chose that dark low level shot for a reason, they could do without it otherwise.
    Unless they chose it just to show that Clara doesn’t always have a safe haven in their travels, and sometimes she will be left to her own devices. (Ha! Devices! Get it?)

    About the currency in Akhaten, I don’t get how their economy doesn’t collapse if every time you trade something, you trade something of value (to you) for something of lesser value. Plus, you get accustomed to giving precious things away, and therefore appreciate items less, bringing their value down.

    But yes, I loved the idea too. Especially as a very materialistic person who remembers things in the past very vividly through objects, and thus I have a hard time casting objects (memories) away. The scene with the ring somehow reminded me of the Neverending Story 2 where Bastian gives up the memory of his mother to save Atreyu (IIRC)

    Air between planets – they could have a field around the moped, like the TARDIS has. Plus, the Doctor has plunged through space, trying to SWIM, through the atmosphere with a space suit in 2011’s Christmas special. So maybe that technology exists 🙂

    BTW – note – her mother’s ring, Rings of Akhaten, probably on purpose.

    Your discussion about religion and secular life – I’m Jewish and most of my family and friends are atheist Jews. Yes, ATHEIST Jews. It’s more about tradition than belief. So we do gather on the holidays and sing holiday songs but it’s not for the sake of a higher entity. You can say that geeks feel the same together-ness in conventions, too.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying your podcasts 🙂
    I loved that episode, and I’ve completely fallen for Jenna (in the viewer-actor way) ever since the avocado interview and she’s more wonderful each and every time.

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