The Ood Cast S05E12 – Sharda

“Monks are cool!”

In which there is plain chant, booty shaking, souls lost in binary prisons and a two year old steals the show.

Reviews: The Bells of Saint John
Air Date: 2nd April 2013
Additional notes: The music in this episode spans some 500 years. The day of release was exactly 5 years after the Ood Cast published their first blog post. Happy Anniversary, us!

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  1. So glad to have you guys back! I love how quickly the podcast came out, but I confess that I was just a little disappointed that you guys didn’t discuss the fine points a little bit more. Did anyone notice the Tom Baker scarf in Clara’s room? Or the fact that she skipped the number 23 in her book (went straight to 24), and then mis-typed the wifi password by writing rycbar124 instead of the …123 given by her roommate? And although we think of her as the girl twice dead, is it possible that THIS Clara, the Clara who suddenly has mad computer skills could be the SAME Clara in Asylum of the Daleks? That after her run with the Doctor she may be resigned to returning to that futuristic fate? *Deep sigh* Can’t wait until the next show!!!

  2. Post

    Laura here – quite honestly – I didn’t notice the scarf. Bet one of the boys did though… I also didn’t notice her skipping the 3s, you’ve got jolly sharp eyes…
    Knowing how Moffat likes his wibbly wobbly spiral time arcs, anything is possible. Or maybe there are a thousand Clara Clones scattered throughout the universe like grains of sugar on a tasty bowl of porridge.
    Hmmn. Points to ponder…

  3. It’s very exciting isn’t isn’t?! The missing years in the book is very intriguing, thanks for that.

    I noticed the scarf though. I said ‘Oh, look, a Doctor Who scarf!’, and Chris S went ‘Shh’! 😉

  4. I noticed she typed 124 instead of 123 – that is why the system rejected her login!

  5. Interesting that you should mention Capuchin monks and monkeys. Capuchin monkeys are so called because they have a patch of brown fur on their heads that looks a bit like the little hoods (cappuccios) worn by the Capuchin monks. It seems someone said, ‘Hey, those animals look a bit Capuchin monky’ and the name stuck. (The word ‘monkey’ really does derive from ‘monk’.) Capuchin monks are also notable because the creamy colour of their robes inspired the naming of the cappuccino, which they no doubt served in the cafe in the episode.

  6. I’m surprised that you (Katie) mentioned the scarf and not the OMGwat moment where Clara asks the boy about the book he’s reading (the one by Amelia Williams), he’s at chapter 10 – she says something like “Wait until you get to eleven – you’ll cry your eyes out”. Which is quite an ominous comment.

    And now that Hide aired, whiskey is the eleventh worst thing invented. What?

    Both ages 23 and 16 are missing from the book, there’s a theory going about that and how in both previous episodes Clara was in she mentions that she was where she was for a year.

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