The Ood Cast S05E09 – BBC

“Eat a spider & then sit through Vengence of Varos.”

At the Ood Cast, you won’t be flabbergasted to hear that we hate to see lovely old British institutions taking a hammering from people who really couldn’t do any better themselves.

That’s right, we’re talking about the BBC!

Haterz back off!

Sure, it’s not perfect but it’s still one of the UK’s best features. Along with cream teas, the NHS and Bill Bailey.

So for this episood, we chose to sit the mics next to a speaker grille and record a solid 25 minutes of Radio 4. Because we’re highbrow and that.

Also, Goaty. Gotyay? Goatee? Gotye. Because it’s slightly more melodic than other cult YouTube sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ and Laura’s Korean is limited to ‘hello’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘you cannot buy a monkey at this market’*


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  1. Wow! I would love to hear any of these skits expanded as a full-length show. And I love the Gotye song! Cheers!

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