The Ood Cast S05E08 – Across the Pond

“May the best of your past be the worst of your future…”

In which we consider the Ponds as companions, people, fictional characters and plot devices.

Join the Ood Cast for a lovely chat about the beautiful and spirited Ponds.

As the Autumnal evenings pull in, pour yourself a hot chocolate and settle back to listen to us discussing these most complex and compelling of modern companions, taking in the entire sweep of their journey with the Doctor.

PLUS the untold story of Amelia Pond’s origin, a Bond/ Doctor Who cross-over theme song and the inaugural EPIC RAP BATTLE OF TIME.


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  1. Lovely. I think you’ve attained a new altitude of impromptu wordsmithery here!

    Oh, and I do so wish I lived in London. Well, not really, but attending a live Oodshow sounds fantastic, and there’s no way I’ll be able to come along 🙁

  2. Best Ood-rap yet! “Who won?” As much as I like Rorrie, I think Amy won this one. “Who’s next?” Maybe 2 of the Doctor’s incarnations could face off!

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