The Ood Cast S05E03 – Dinocast on a Spacepod

‘Ow, my plums.’

Riddell pushed his way through the undergrowth, the thick, verdant leaves of the jungle tugging at his shirt sleeves and the exposed skin beneath. An array of flying insects buzzed ceaselessly around him, drawn by the salty tang of the sweat pooling in the furrows of his forehead and the shifting plain of flesh between his shoulder blades.

And yet the mighty game hunter didn’t move an inch. Despite the irritants, the discomfort, the yearning pain in his thighs, he remained motionless.

She was beautiful.

Less than 15 feet away, the Ood Cast Season 5, Episode 3 stretched its long neck and let out a low, satisfied roar. The beast was clearly at peace.


From his hidden perch Riddell could clearly see every inch of his prey. The ferocious looking claws, the parody songs, the review of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, even the welcome presence of a return appearance by the Littlest Doctor.

He was near enough to see the whites of its eyes … and the hilarious spoof sketches about secondhand dinosaurs, T-Rexes in the bath, killer kestrels & a robotic Laurel & Hardy.

This was his chance. His whole life had led up to this moment.

With a measured exhalation Riddell brought his rifle up to his shoulder and aimed for the heart…

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  1. Great to hear from the Littlest Doctor! His contributions are always appreciated. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for another terrific episode. I don’t know how you manage to create so many wonderful sketches and songs in only a week’s time, but I’m grateful for all your splendid efforts.

  2. Another fantastic episood. 😉 However, I must protest that loons are not really annoying birds. They are actually quite beautiful, and their call is a wonderful thing to listen to as you drift off to sleep in a tent on the shores of Lake Superior. I do admit they look fairly ridiculous when they’re trying to take off, though.

    No other critcism. I’m just anxious to hear your take on “A Town Called Mercy” now!

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