The Ood Cast S05E01 – 22 Short Stories About Doctor Who

“Run a bath, lie back, relax and prepare to have your animal instincts awoken.”

We don’t know about you, but our eyeballs are glowing white-hot in anticipation of the start of the next series. It’s a bit like ’42’. We are running out of cucumber slices. To try and whet our appetites, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE OODS got out pens, paper & ipads and set to work creating a smorgasbord of plays, stories, memories, poetry and vignettes to amuse, move and inspire you. And to take your mind off reading any spoiler-stuffed reviews (we’re looking at you, Dr Who Magazine)…

Join Alpha, Andy, Sigma and Loz from cradle to- well – now, as they explore what goes on in the writer’s room, how to ride a triceratops, why the Doctor fought a dragon and the more sensuous side of the Daleks.

(clue: it’s ribbed for your pleasure)


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  1. Wonderful to have you lovely people back in action, and a great episode to boot. The only thing missing was a look-in on the Littlest Doctor, although you did mention him in passing, so there’s that.

    Very much looking forward to your takes on the new series, and another album’s worth of sensational songs from Laura. Cheers!

  2. Hurrah! The Oodcast is back in my ears! Or should that be “Oodcast are . . . ” Is “Oodcast” singular or plural?

  3. Hi Rory – on the Littlest Doctor… I did try to get him involved, but his demands were far too great for our meagre budget. “Vast quantities of Lego Star Wars do not grow on trees,” I told him. “Well they should,” was his stern reply.

  4. And once again, the Littlest Doctor is right. Many’s the time I wished I could just pluck a Super Star Destroyer from the poplar in the backyard. 🙂 Thanks, Alpha! (I do hope a settlement can be reached before he outgrows the role.)

  5. You guys out did yourselves on this one! Fantastic stories. Loved number 15, Laura. I think folk music is your genre. And the childhood hero story reminded me of my own. Glad to have y’all back!

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