The Ood Cast S04E12 – The Ood Cast Awards

“And the winner is…”

The Oscars.  The Golden Globes.  The BAFTAs.  Rear of the Year.

These are some award ceremonies we have heard of and, in some cases, been nominated for (Andy came fourteenth in the 1987 Rear of the Year – we’re very proud).

A little late to capitalise on the awards season, perhaps, but the fevered minds at The Ood Cast are rolling out the red carpet for the great, the good and the naggingly-unsatisfactory-in-some-minor-way to assess Series 6 as a whole and divvy up some hand-cast trinkets to the things we loved and those we loved a little less.

(Come on, you’re not listening to a normal podcast here … we love everything!)

So take your seats, adjust those tuxedos and swishy dresses and enjoy The Ood Cast Awards 2012!

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  1. Yes… I wholly agree!

    “With what?” you may ask – with every choice you agreed upon.
    Have I also mentioned how grand it is to have you back on “the air” (as they say).

  2. Listening with my usual joy to your latest opus, and then found myself SHOCKED at the unanimous agreement that “Night Terrors” was the “Least Successful Episode.” So I thought I’d share my tenative defense of that episode ( in hopes of changing at least one of your minds. (If you’re curious where my vote would have gone, it’s here:

    And since I (shamefully) haven’t commented before, let me take this opportunity to say that I love The Ood Cast beyond all measure; I’ve winnowed my Doctor Who podcasts done to a very select few—since I found most diminish my enjoyment of the show, rather than enhance it—but yours is more than commentary: it’s entertainment in its own right. (Practically a spin-off!)

  3. Please please please release that first song as a single somewhere for download!

  4. Yes, I too agree with the choices y’all made in regards to the awards. Amy’s junkyard Samurai armor was an inspired choice for Best Costume. This was an overall excellent podcast. You had an actual discussion with differing viewpoints. And a big cheer to Laura’s ode to the captains. “… I swear by my pretty floral bonnet …” Nice! Keep up the good work, guys! Looking forward to more. Could I make a suggestion? Have you ever considered doing retrospectives on the classic series? I know it’s been done before on other podcasts but I’d like to hear your opinions. Thanks again for the excellent work. Y’all are great!

  5. I don’t know where else to post this. Is the April 26, 2012 Oodcast the latest one? Are there to be no more? I’m lost – is there a post somewhere explaining what’s going on?

    USA fan

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