The Ood Cast S04E11- Who’s That Girl (Running Around With You)?

“She has a nice round face with dimples on it … and I quite like her hair.”

Doctor Who is nearly 50. It has been around for almost half a century and yet remains one of the most popular, creative and vital shows on television.

And the secret to this ridiculous longevity? Sure scripts, actors and production values play a part but the key ingredient, we would argue, is change.

The ability to renew itself, to change almost entirely and yet remain completely recognisable has emerged over the years as the programme’s greatest strength.

Now join the Ood Cast to celebrate the latest in a long glorious line of changes as Jenna-Louise Coleman is announced as the new companion.

Hear their opinions on the future of our beloved programme and then be prepared to be whisked into the recent past as Chris Sigma presents his feedback from the official convention.

Past, present, future – all of time and space is waiting for you.

Plus some people explode.

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  1. Fans getting in a huff about actors/writers/etc. well before having seen them/it in action is a constant source of confuzzlement.
    Unfortunately it’s something that’s always existed in the various fandoms, be it comicbooks, television series, books or any other
    form of periodical.

    The only thing one can do is shrug and probably have some cake…

    I know, it sort of flounders at the end…


  2. Loved the intro to this. So pythonesque, so … so … accurate! Exactly how certain foaming idiots on Gallifrey Base sound to me! Excellent.

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