The Ood Cast S04E10 – The Roberts of Death

“It’s a pantomime about Fascism.”

Oooh, you lucky, lucky listeners.

Have we got a treat for you?

Gareth Roberts, writer of our Favourite Show Ever and hot off the desk from publishing his most recent novel, the Douglas Adams-inspired Shada, has floated down like a lovely hairy cherub wearing a Skype headset so we can ask him embarrassing questions on your behalf.

What’s it like working on the show? What’s the worst idea he’s ever had? What’s going to happen in Season 7? What if the Fourth Doctor had touched the wires together in “Genesis of the Daleks” and Robert Shearman consequently had to write an episode called “Clam”?


Monkeys, monkeys!

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  1. Brilliant!! Thank you, thank you, this episood is a delight from start to finish. Particularly loved the discussion about Blake 7 (and it’s perfect ending) and also the reference to the sofa on the cricket pitch, which is one of my favourite images from Douglas Adams. I had not connected this image with DW before – but am so pleased that now I can. I’m sure all the best bits of the universe do connect in one way or another. Please keep up the excellent work!

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