The Ood Cast S04E09 – The Regeneration Game 2

“You spoke, we listened … and then we ignored you.”

Everyone loves a good quiz, right?

We do, anyway. It’s just that some things don’t work for quizzes – especially not Doctor Who. We proved that conclusively the last time we tried it.

And we’re experienced enough as podcasters to know not to keep flogging the same dead horses once we’ve checked for a pulse. Not even we would try a crazy idea like that again.

But on the other hand, the title ‘Regeneration Game’ is too good/bad a pun to not use again. So get brushing up on your borderline-Who-related trivia and brace yourself for the levels of logic and gravitas you’d usually expect from the Ood Cast.

Answer: A deluded group of obsessed podcasters that insist on chasing pun-based hilarity in formats that no one quite seems to expect.


Contestant: What is … the Ood Cast?

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  1. YES! THE REGENERATION GAME IS BACK! Really funny episode guys. I still can’t beleive that Andy couldn’t get Zygon!

  2. Are we all agreed then – everyone else on the planet who has heard the clue and watched old Who managed to get Zygon?

    (sorry Andy!)

  3. Silver Nemesis, I haven’t even seen that much old Who. I’ve only seen a few 6th Doctor episodes that I could borrow from my local library. I knew it was Zygon after hearing David Tennant always talk about it being the monster he’d like to bring back.

  4. do us all a favor, never do the doctor who theme on a kazoo and whistle again, and don’t do any singing with out Laura XD.

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