The Ood Cast S04E05 – Are You Being Severed?

“Listeners, if anyone does know what Laura is talking about, please write in and let the rest of the Ood Cast know…”

Hi. How’re you doing today? Welcome to the Ood Cast Store.

Within these aging walls you’ll find whole worlds to explore. We stock everything any self-respecting Whovian may require. Why not take a look around?

Ground Floor: A review of Closing Time.

First Floor: Two goats & a penny.

Second Floor: Doctor Who Monsters vs Customer Services.

Third Floor: Perfume & Ladies’ Underwear.

Fourth Floor: Cyber Sex & the City.

Fifth Floor: The Power of LURVE.


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    Of course, I say this without having listened. Once I do that, I will return with an even more considered opinion.

  2. Hooray! Thank you, and welcome back. Do you know I checked the RSS feed nearly every day?

    I loved the clothes-fitting too. Oh, and all the announcements!

  3. :):):):):):):):) I get back from holidays to a brand new episode of The Ood Cast. BRILLIANT!
    To answer the question, I think Laura was talking about the moon from Mighty Boosh. But, I’m not that sure because I find the moon to be adorable…
    Another fantabulous episood guys! Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

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