The Ood Cast S04E04 – Hit & Myth

“I’d like a pint of ginger beer, please.”

A thorough and enthusiastic review of The God Complex this week spirals off into a debate as to which holy figure would do most damage in a hotel environment. Not an essential underlying theme to the episode but an interesting diversion and the sort of thing we feel we do well at The Ood Cast.

When not debating the finer points of sacred vandalism or making oblique references to ill-fated Australian pop stars we also find time to cross-pollinate Doctor Who with classic British sitcoms, listen to At Home With The Minotaurs, spin a bit of Fat Boy Slim and squeeze in an inordinate amount of mooing.


(There we go again)

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  1. I was not expecting another one of these so soon. Great episode although, as is customary amongst Doctor Who fans, I am going to ignore the bits I like and focus on the two things I disagreed with.

    I thought the gorilla was just fine, actually. It’s not supposed to be something that would be terrifying to everyone, as a fully realistic angry gorilla might be It’s a personalised scare, probably relating to an incident in childhood, which is why the text underneath the picture referred to “That brutal gorilla”, it’s a specific one. So basically I think having it look a bit like a man in a gorilla suit is fine, that’s what it was supposed to be.

    Secondly, room number 11. Isn’t it supposed to be the one with Amelia in? The Doctor looks in the room, hangs a do not disturb sign on the door. Later the Doctor walks into the corridor as the Minotaur dies, the complex reverts and a do not disturb sign flutters to the ground between him and the others who were still in the room. In that case it would probably represent a fear of screwing up everyone he meets, as mentioned in “Let’s kill Hitler”. It would also resonate with his decision to leave Amy and Rory at the end of the episode.

    Sorry for the nitpicks (not really, it’s what we do). It’s probably dangerous to give fans time to think things over. Thanks again for the episode.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Chris. I’ll join you on the nit-picking bandwagon for a moment. 🙂

    I agree with you to a certain extent about the gorilla, actually – it was much more about personalised fear than a universal one. But he *was* very aware of good toilet habits, which amused me. Actually, I think we were more amused on the whole than critical there.

    On the room issue: the room with Amelia in was number 7 (the age she first met the Doctor), and was Amy’s room rather than his. The Do Not Disturb sign flutters to the floor as the hotel is disintegrating back into its Tron mode, so personally I think that’s more about him ignoring the things to come than anything else – but I don’t see why it can’t be as much about what you said too – he’s certainly decided that Amy and Rory have to go home by then, and perhaps this is the final straw.

    Either way, I’m glad you liked the episode!

  3. Wow! It’s so soon! What a wonderful way to relax from my exam study. I’m liking this intro of Chris Sigma singing 🙂 and that white wine seems to have made you slightly crazier 😉
    Once again, you have made an ok Doctor Who episode into a GLORIOUS episood. And we must always praise you. 🙂

  4. Also, seeing as some of us aren’t going to make it to the Ood Cast Live Show, is there any possibility that you would make is into a video podcast? Loved the Faulty Towers skit 🙂

  5. I’m so happy that another Ood cast came out. The episode was as good as always. I really enjoy the fact you mentioned about “the madman in a box” thing saved Amy because some time after I watched the episode I thought the same thing. As for room 11, I had this weird sort of thought that there could be more than 1 person in the room since “you” could refer to more than 1 person. My friend as we were doing a marathon of series 6 part 2, said that the Doctor possibly believes in his companions.
    Anyway, I look forward to the next poscast

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  7. Alex – You gave me an idea. What if room 11 contains the Time Lords who wanted to destroy the universe? It could be the first clue leading toward the anniversary season plots.

    Great episode Oods! Keep it up.

  8. Loved the episode. I listened to it when it came out, but I now have a question. Since this was released you’ve done the Oodcast live and have appeared on other peoples podcasts.

    Does this mean this is the last podcast episode you are doing?

    Did you find the last two Doctor Who episodes so disapointing you couldn’t face doing a podcast about them?

    Or are you shelving the podcast in order to put on more live shows?

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