The Ood Cast S04E03 – High Five

“That’s my favourite ever barn dance…”

In this week’s Ood Cast we review an episode where Amy waits over 3 decades for something interesting to happen. Regular listeners can probably relate…

But good things come to those that … well, you know … so join us as we split the episode into two time streams, attend a dinner party hosted by fictional robots, give head rubs, talk earnestly about the meaning of things, get new equipment and discover who Gregory McCaramel is.

News, reviews and haikus to chase away post-Doctor Who blues.

It’s a kindness.

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  1. Yahooooo!!!! The Oods are finaly back! And perfect timing too as I. ust finished school for the year! Even though waiting for this episood was a long time that will cause some paradoxical events with our past selves, but it was worthwhile 😀

  2. I am the fangirl who waited… but it was all worth it! Thanks for this wonderfull oodcast : I loved the two time streams and your final sketch with the robots is my favorite since the one with the football match between Skaro and Gallifrey. It’s good to have you back : long life to the oodcast… and to Gregory Mc Caramel of course.^^

  3. WOOP! You’re back! And what an amazing episood! I love how you used the time difference in recording and the show to forcast the future in Laura’s reviews from a different time stream 🙂
    I also LOVED that song! My favourite so far this series of Doctor Who 😀

  4. Yaaaaaaaay!
    Hurray for the oodcast!
    Downloading it right now, and will listen it tonight. That’s a reeeeeally good way to begin the week end!
    Thank you!

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