The Ood Cast S04E02 – Hello, Dolly

“… as if every single fibre of him was steeped in the blood of kittens.”

With gateaux, mockney and added Americans, the whole Ood Cast are finally back in the room together as they gently fillet and fry (with a wooden pan) Mark Gatiss’ latest episode, Night Terrors.

Enjoy a trip to a UK retail favourite, poke fun at small children, analyse the London Riots in the context of time-travel and hear us accuse politicians of being a bit rubbish.

We wouldn’t want to be in Westminster right now. We bet they’re quaking in their boots.

If all that sounds a bit full-on then fear not, we also talk a lot about Doctor Who, between songs of revolution and early 90s bubblegum techno-pop.

Something’s in the wardrobe – and it’s not Mr Tumnus.

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  2. I’m so excited for this! Shame I couldn’t listen to it before this afternoon though (*shakes fist at school performances*). But I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

  3. Lovely!

    FYI: Neil Gaiman lives in Wisconsin, in the amorphous mass that is the Twin Cities Greater Metro Area, but he is indeed still a British citizen. He’s still the closest thing there has ever been to an American writer on Doctor Who. 😉

  4. Laura is wrong. Those kids laughing scared the widdle out of me, especially when the following school day around the corner I heard 3 children impersonating said laughter and I was utterly terrified by what was approaching. It has taken me over 20years to get over the fear of Dr Who and watch again. I am a tender soul. If it hadn’t have been for Alex Kingston I might have regressed back to nightmares and rear of sofa.
    Chris your whining worked. Here is a comment.

  5. Just a slight correction – Neil Gaiman and the Twin Cities are both (or all 3?) in Minnesota.

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