The Ood Cast S04E01 – Genesis of the River Songs

“It’s a little, tiny gypsy. I imprisoned him in my nose.”

Ood cast, ood cast, uber alles…

The Oods are back with a vengeance – spluttering slowly to our recording booth and pulling together another slice of silliness and sycophancy for your delectation.

Sadly missing Chris Alpha for the inaugral episood of Season 4, we’ve roped in a colleague from across the pond to add some salt to the rim of our margherita of joy – Erik from the Dr Who Book Club.

So come on – let’s kiss Hitler.


We meant kill.

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  1. Thank goodness! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t be savouring any of your delectable treats for this half of the season. 😮
    I look forward to the Ood Cast almost as much as I do to the episodes they’re based on! And that IS saying something 😉
    Couldn’t you put out the odd episode between seasons now and then? Perhaps reviewing an old Who story (either new or classic series)?

  2. Wooooooooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!
    I’m so excited for this episood. What a brilliant way to start off my week!
    Thank you guys and girl, and congrats once again to the Sigma’s!!! ;):):)

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  4. Now having listened to the podcast, I would totally buy any T-Shirts or merchandise that you guys might want to sell one day. A fabulous episood once again. THE OOD ARE BACK!!! 😀

  5. So funny. “Andy would like it”

    Laura’s voice has really improved. Think you going to have four more episodes before the season finale. Hope so!

  6. Huzzah! You’re all back!
    I missed you lot – you’ve been a steady set of voices throughout this year for me. The playful and positive whovians.
    And the show’s back with a bang and delicious O.T.T. silliness – oh it’s grand to be a nerd… I mean geek… I mean fan.
    Cheerio you lot 🙂

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