The Ood Cast S03E20 – What Is It Good For?

“They’ve taken her, you see. They’ve taken my fiancée.”

This is it. The final episode of Season 3. The intricate, gossamer threads of our artful narrative finally weave together to reveal the epic truth. Join the Ood Cast as they plunge headlong through time & space in a thrilling, last gasp dash to save one of their own.

Witness samurai sword wielding Time Lords, robotic Canadians, ruddy-cheeked podcast proteges and dastardly revenge-stricken megalomaniacs in camper vans. Thrill to the sounds of weirdly accurate baby noises, lactating Sontarans & playdough manipulating Daleks. All this, a review of A Good Man Goes To War and a song about Headless Monks sung simultaneously by fourteen different podcasters scattered across the globe.

Featuring the vocal talents of Radio Free Skaro, The Two Minute Time Lord, Radio Rassilon, The Doctor Who Podcast, Bridging The Rift, Tim’s Take On, Adventures in Time, Space & Music, The Minute Doctor Who Podcast, The Crossover Adventures, The Doctor Who Book Club, The DWO Whocast & The Flashing Blade, this is one barn-storming audio joy blitz.

Guest starring Clayton Hickman & Gareth Roberts with amazing cover art by Louis B Tosche of the Mostly Harmless Cutaway Podcast.

In the language of the Forest, we’d be called The Ood Cat (they don’t have a word for podcast).

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  1. Oh, I have been waiting for a while for this. All the teases on Twitter. Downloading now and can hardly wait to listen to it on the train home.

  2. WOOOOO!!!!!!
    I’m so excited! I love how my week always ends with the Ood Cast. Epicness.
    Brilliant last episode, and we will all miss you in the hiatus.
    Love you guys!

  3. Congrats to all involved with this one – very very enjoyable!

    Kudos to whoever had to edit this lot together!

  4. Downloaded and digested. What a brilliant tour de force. I take my hat off to you all (It is a fez today).

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  6. Absolutely brilliant. BRILLIANT. I loved every second of it. And by the way? When I heard the opening sounds of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, I could’ve kissed every single one of you.
    I did *not* mean that as creepy as it sounded…

  7. Having just listened to Chris on the latest Radio Free Skaro, can I say that that trio already has a sufficiently bizarre notion of the social structure and mores of the UK without Chris making it worse with the smattering of social history that he picked up at school between episodes of Live & Kicking? 😉

    Plus, it’s inevitable that people in the US and Canada will say “England” when they mean “Britain” (though the Canadians really ought to know better). But for a Brit to do it??? Tut tut.

  8. Post
  9. Dear Gang,

    I’m creeping out of lurkerdom to say, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (gasp) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (wheeze) hahahaha hee hee hee!

    Thank you for making Tuesday bearable. Weeeeell, except for the tea I had to mop up. Twice. At work. Okay, and making me laugh so hard I dropped my crochet in front of Starbucks, earning me a few odd looks. You’re always brilliant, but this ep was a corker! Have a great summer and I hope you post lots of pics of the wedding!!! Yay, congratulations!!


  10. Hi all!

    Just to let you know that Raeli (your six year old Australian fan) was delighted with the new episode – after bugging me EVERY DAY since the airing of a Good Man Goes to War to see if the latest Ood Cast was up yet. She listened intently on the way to and from soccer – and when she finally twigged that your opening sketch was mirroring the episode itself (round about the time that Laura was announced as having been kidnapped – she is only six) she laughed so loud I thought she was going to throw up.

    I was actually amazed how much all the members of my family enjoyed this episode since the Ood Cast is the only Doctor Who podcast they listen to, whereas I listen to most of the ones who cameo’d here and so loved all the in jokes and parodies within parodies. It was such a good script!

    Raeli (and I) also loved the closing song. I will have to add it to the list of classic music she heard the Ood Cast version of first… oops! Obviously I’m falling down on exposing her to pop culture history.

    In closing, she was delighted to hear that Chris Sigma and Laura are getting married, but while she laughed at Laura changing her name to Sigma, she later gave it some serious thought and decided that actually, Simpson is a much better name and Chris should change his to that instead! Ahh, Amy Pond, influencing a whole generation of young women…

    Hope you all have a great break (and wedding!) and come back all refreshed when we finally get our show back.

    Tansy (and Raeli) in Australia!

  11. Brilliant job — wonderful idea, wonderfully executed! You all really outdid yourselves this time. Thank you for all the effort and fun you clearly put into this one. Now I am just as excited for The Ood Cast to return as for Doctor Who itself!

    (Only quibble: I still am not convinced River is in the suit when the Astronaut comes out of the water in 6.1. Just because your prediction of River’s parentage turned out to be true doesn’t mean the other prediction is true, as well! Nothing about River being Amy’s daughter would explain why that Astronaut appears and disappears out of that lake…)

    Let me add my congratulations to you, Chris and Laura, on your upcoming wedding! I hope you have a wonderful celebration surrounded by lots of friends (maybe even some imaginary ones with blue boxes…)

    Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA

    PS. The Silent driving instructor — incredibly funny!

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