The Ood Cast S03E19 – It Takes Two, Baby


On this week’s Ood Cast, Laura is unavoidably detained, so the boys have the run of the studio and a little organised chaos reigns.

They debate the rights and wrongs of the fate of the gangers (very fleetingly) then discuss clumsy moral dilemmas and whether Andy was actually right about something or if he just thinks he was…

On top of that (oh yes, there’s more) we have a bit of a look at a day in the life of a pile of discarded flesh, participate in a game show with a difference and have a listen to the Doctor and his double getting to know each other.

All that, and a song too.

So, do you wanna be in our ganger?

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  1. Another Ood-tastic episode guys, however I did miss Laura’s comments even though I heard her throughout the podcast.
    Congrats once again guys!

  2. Well… this is awkward.

    What happened to draculasaurus and funkhouse?


    Great show as always, Oods!

  3. Brilliant episode again. LMAO on the news and the Doctors dialogue. And what a revelation : Chris is in fact Laura’s ganger ! O_o

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  6. Great show, but howcome this is the last one? Why no Oodcast for a good man goes to war?

  7. It’s on its way, guys, please be patient! We know it’s taking a while, but it should be well worth the wait – lots of editing to be done and Chris Sigma has been away… Shouldn’t be much longer.

  8. It’s understandably late. I mean, it’s hard to miss the clues dropped by Laura saying that she and Sigma are getting married soon. Whatever the reason is, I’m sure it’s a good one and I’m certain that the next episood will be brillaint 🙂

  9. I just found this site – in fact I found out about it by hearing about the shows on the 16th and 17 this November. Sadly, I can’t make it but I love the podcast!

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