The Ood Cast S03E18 – Oh That This Too Solid Flesh Would Melt

“It just looked like a crazy jacuzzi that somebody had sharted in…”

On this week’s Ood Cast, the Oods are spooked out, concerned and over the moon with things all at once as they review The Rebel Flesh. But even slightly freaked out, we still manage to run at you with some freshly-concocted Oody goodness, like a madman with a stick.

So watch out this week while we dissect what happens when you use the flesh technology to fool your friends into thinking you have a real girlfriend, unearth an advertising treat from the future (it’s acidic and terrific) and take a look into an official inspection of another mining plant’s secretarial staff.

All that and Chris Alpha catches us on series 6 through the medium of haiku while Laura duets with her own ganger.


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  1. Ahh, nothing better to wake up to on a Friday morning than a brand new brilliant Ood Cast! Loved the ep once again 😀

  2. Downloaded my first Ood Cast, ‘The Rebel Flesh’.

    You guys are FUNNY. I mean, VERY funny. LOVED the news, the advert for Acid (trademark, copyright)…very well done. You now have a new, faithful listener.

    Thought you might enjoy some of MY Doctor Who humor. I’m a cartoonist/illustrator for a living, my name is Kevin Karstens…and along with a very talented animator named Jason Garofola, we present…

    …and remember: if you enjoyed our comedy only half as much as we enjoyed YOURS…well, we win. We enjoyed something twice as much…;)


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  4. Another lovely episode! The Ood Cast is quickly becoming my favorite Doctor Who podcast. Very funny, as usual, and the Ganger song at the end was brilliant.

  5. I don’t know how you do it — combining a commentary podcast with original, *quality* comedy every week (“If you could be anything on the pH scale, what would you be?” — Brilliant!). But I’m glad you do.

    Re: why did a war between the Gangers and the humans start — Wasn’t it because Cleaves killed the one Ganger? (“Don’t tase me, bro!”) As for Cleaves’ motivation, I chalked it up to her simply being so unnerved by the prospect of a duplicate “stealing” (in her mind) her life — as William Hartnell said way back in “An Unearthly Child,” we humans fear and hate what we don’t understand! (Also, I found the character’s name, Cleaves, very telling — she “cleaves” or divides the unity that could exist between the humans and the Gangers.)

    Haven’t seen Part Two over here in North America yet, but I will look forward to tuning in to your take on it once I have!

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