The Ood Cast S03E17 – Thinking Outside the Box

“Toast: It’s like someone took bread and really kicked it up a notch.”

You remember that phrase ‘Event TV’?  Well, having waited for 9 years to see a) Doctor Who back properly and b) 6 more years to see an episode written by Neil Gaiman, certain members of the crew of the good ship Ood were a little excited to say the least.  And what a treat we were given…

So now it’s our turn to share the joy – this week’s Ood Cast is the usual mix of cheery discussion (with a bit of added over excitement), music and sketches.

We see what the Doctor makes of an interior designer’s version of the console room, catch up on what’s cool with the Doctor, find out exactly what his bedroom is like and are yet again plagued by technical difficulties…

But don’t worry, we soldiered on.  After all, we’re Oods.

Oods are cool now.

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  1. That’s okay, last time victory was mine. I’m a magnanimous winner. Firsts for everyone! Huzzah!

    Okay, on to the new ep. Brilliant sketch with Tom of the DWP. In fact, that might be the funniest sketch so far. I nearly fell off my chair when Max played the DWP theme tune, I was laughing so hard.

    And now I finish listening to the rest of the show, ’cause that’s how I roll.

  2. Well done on another brilliant episode guys and girl! Love the sketches, particularly the beginning one.
    I have a theory: little astronaut girl is a TARDIS. Ideas?

  3. Great episode as usual, although I am sure that THE OOD CAST can’t be very good for young children as I have just worked out spookily that it is an anagram of A COSHED TOT .

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  5. Post
  6. Well I went back and listened to this one *now* because I loved that episode of Doctor Who so much..
    Just wanted to say a few things –

    – You know, one time I went back and saw the episode again just because Woman in the Box was on my playlist and the “there she stood before him” part drew too many emotions. Way to go 🙂
    And the Beautiful South ROCK (didn’t know that song before)

    – “Biting is like kissing” is a paraphrase on a line from Moffat’s Jekyll, about killing – it’s like sex only there’s a winner.

    – Bunk beds – later on someone asked on Twitter whether River was conceived on a bunk bed. Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman simultaneously answered that yes, she was, on the ladder, and then Moffat claimed that it’s now canon.

    – At some point I was in another window and accidentally hit cmd+Q instead of cmd+W, closing the podcast (and everything else) by accident. When I resumed the podcast I was just at the final sketch and the guy said “you’ll have to listen to this part of the podcast again”. Eerie.

    All in all, good podcast for a good Doctor Who episode. I wish we’d have more like these in Doctor Who.

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