The Ood Cast S03E16 – The Best Medicine

“The dog star looked a little bit like Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan … except for a sort of glowing white version of it.”

Avast ye net lubbers!

Grab your hook hands, strap on your wooden legs and join the Oods on the high seas this week as they slightly review Curse of the Black Spot and then have a look at what happens when they’re let loose on the suspiciously-coloured remaining drinking supplies.

There’s pirates … in space, Downton Abbey … at sea and in space (kind of), a special section where the Doctor kindly explains how things work to us stupid humans and then we see what happens when the Doctor and the TARDIS want to go somewhere a little piratey but just can’t quite understand each other.

All that and a magnificent song from Laura – all together now: “Whooooo lives in a spaceship just above the sea? Spongebob Bonneville…”

(not really)

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  1. I’m so glad you guys adapted “I’m on a Boat” for the song this week. It actually occurred to me after watching CoBS how perfect it would be. Great minds, and all that. (But how much better if you could’ve autotuned the bits that T-Pain originally sang.)

    Another brilliant episood!

  2. I have now learnt that I need to watch the episode before listening to you guys. Don’t get me wrong, it was a brilliant episood, it just didn’t make much sense even though I’ve read the plot on Wikipedia. Spoilers are good, but I think I will enjoy it more when I see the episode. One more day and then it will all make sense *shakes fist at Australian TV fastracking (that’s not really fast-tracking)*
    However, I did really enjoy the sketch of turning up in the pilates class and the song. 😀

  3. 100% pure awesome! From the Round the Horne style intro (yes, I’m American and I got the reference) to the movie trailer (“I have no concept of what buttons are. Arrrrr.”) to the T-Pain parody song (white Britons acting “street” is pretty much the most hilarious thing ever) – just brilliant. I’ve been listening at work and during that last song, I just haven’t been able to keep a smile off my face. Stifling laughter has been painful. I though Sigma’s performance, particularly “Dimension jump! This boat is reeeeeaaaaal!” was straight out of The Mighty Boosh. The Mighty . . . Bood-sh. Hmm.

    Thanks to all the Oodcasters for just being who you are.

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  5. I think this is possibly one of my favourites of your parody songs… hilarious. Although I haven’t listened to them all yet. Now I’m impatiently wanting to catch up with this season so I can also catch up with the Ood Cast 🙂

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