The Ood Cast S03E14 – Bring The Noise

“That is the best insult ever. You’re just far too clever and inventive…”

Remember the old days, when everyone’s favourite podcast with a tenuous Ood pun for a title used to release new stuff every week? We’re finding it hard to remember too. But those days are back!

We’ve talked Andy down from the ceiling, lifted Chris Alpha’s jaw from the carpet, dried Chris Sigma’s tears of joy and tempted Loz back to a studio environment with a promise that she can play Fruit Ninja afterwards if she’s good… and all to talk about The Impossible Astronaut for your listening pleasure.

Along the way we pack in a peek at a White House emergency, have a driving lesson, interview the newest creatures on the block and see what life was like for the Doctor-worshipping inhabitants of Easter Island. And that’s as well as the regular Ood Cast News and a musical treat…

It’s great to be back! Geronimo! Or something.

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  1. I’m listening now, but am too chastened to comment cogently.
    Oh, the shame of secondies!
    This tastes of despair.

  2. Another brilliant episood!
    I saw Impossible Astronaut without knowing that the Doctor dies, but I had heard Sigma’s prediction. Therefore, when I watched it, I thought “The Ood Cast was right!”
    I, too, think that the Silence have been seen in series 5. I think that Amy has seen it in the TARDIS in The Eleventh Hour and in the Lodger. Amy looks around and seems to spot something and her face changes to one of horror before she seems to forget it and question the Doctor. The Eleventh Hour one may be mistaken for wonder, but after watching it for 100 times (quite literally) it’s most definitely something different. Also the sound depicts Amy forgetting the Silent.
    I particularly loved the Interview with the Silent. Who was the voice in the Driving sketch? Sigma and…?

  3. On a side note, I just watched Eleventh Hour. Is the voice that Prisoner Zero uses to tease the Doctor the same voice of the young girl? It’s a bit hard to tell, but the thought just occured to me and I thought I’d put it out there for debate.

  4. Thanks for the laugh, guys! I especially loved your Matt Smith’s impersonation at the beginning and your interview . Nice to learn you’ll be doing a weekly podcast again, now I have something to help me wait for the new episode each week.

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  6. You guys are the best! I especially enjoyed the two videophone sketches. I am so impressed that you take the time, each week, not only to review episodes, but also to write and produce original comedy about them! It’s like “Saturday Night Live” for “Doctor Who” fans! (Oh, and given SNL’s on-again, off-again nature, you should know that I do mean that as a compliment!) Keep up the fantastic, funny work.

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