The Ood Cast S03E11 – Oodstock

“And even if it was the real Adric, you’d hardly go to him for advice on how to not crash into the Earth, would you?”

They’re back – the Ood Cast is whole once more.

Witness Andy & Alpha’s triumphant return in a blaze of domestic bliss, voyeurism, Myrka-wrangling, donkey-diving and flat out convention-running mayhem.

Yes, this week on the show our prodigal podcasters are treated to their very own mini-convention stuffed to the gills with special guests, music and cockamamy insight.

And in what we promise is the very last piece of Gallifrey One coverage, Sigma & Loz debrief us on the adventure of a lifetime amidst luggage-shaped life rafts and falling debris.

Not your usual convention.

But then again what do you expect when the ticket’s free?

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  1. Fantastic show. -nice to hear the full Oodcast together again.
    It was wonderful meeting Laura and Sigma out in California. When I introduced myself, they were chatting with Sarah Jane Adventures director Joss Agnew. I’m afraid I treated the Oodcasters more like celebrities than poor Mr. Agnew.
    Luckily, I was in a hurry to meet the TARDIS Tavern fellows for a trip to the liquor store, so I didn’t have time to add insult to injury, by asking them for autographs right in front of him, or asking him to take a picture of the three of us.


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  3. As epic as it was having the small episoods, I enjoy these longer ones. Besides, all four of you are in this one. Hurrah!

  4. Again, great episode guys (and gal!). You should put out a box set of your Oodstock along with Tin Dog Podcast’s solo con – with a commentary track and extras that would be a DVD I would buy!

    Great to hear all four of you together again.

    For some reason the funniest bit of the ep was Chris’s “Episode 10D – other podcasts are available” bit.

    A lot of fun, as always.

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  6. Why haven’t you guys had any podcasts on part 2 of series six? I miss your banter and id love to hear your thoughts on the girl who waited and lets kill hitler

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