The Ood Cast S03E10d – Gallifrey or Bust: Day Four

“Chris was representing. I was repre-snoozing…”

It’s the final part of our Gallifrey coverage. The dream is ending.

(Alph & Andy will be back next episode, we promise)

But what have we got in store for you until then?

A familiar voice in a La-la-land sketch with a twist, last day memories and analysis, quiz battles, personal highlights, podcest, pretty words and a geek anthem to blow your socks off.

So long LA, it’s been emotional.

Epic & emotional.

And fairly calorific.

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  1. Such an amazing episood! My favourite out of all the Gallifrey specials, topped off by combining Doctor Who with Pink, my two favourite things. Epic and awesome!

  2. Indeed, a fantastic weekend of geekery for all, and made all the more fantastic for being finally able to meet you guys and shake your hands.

    Brilliant Gally episodes guys.


  3. First time listening to you guys but tis quite enjoyable! Will be listening in the future, just subscribed to the RSS. We just released our first podcast, it’s exciting to be a part of the DW podcasting universe.

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