The Ood Cast S03E10c – Gallifrey or Bust: Day Three

“Oh… it’s made out of raffia. Yaaaaaay?”

Welcome, brave audio travellers.

It’s Day Three of our Gallifrey coverage and Laura & Sigma are bouncing off the walls pepped up on a sugar rush delivered straight to the heart by America’s finest cuisine.

Stuffed with subs, porked out on pancakes and filled with Philly cheese steaks our podcasting pair bring you a round-up of Saturday’s experiences including their respective panel highlights, a discussion about the Masquerade of Mandragora and why they don’t get the whole Tikki thing.

Plus a typical American daytime commercial and a song where Laura takes the three most recent incarnations of the Doctor to task for their various foibles.

That’s right, we said ‘foibles’, we’re not playing around here.

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  1. Yay Canada! Great recap – that was hilarious. Any chance you could link to the YouTube bits?

  2. Excellent episood as usual. You mention the full Laura interview is on YouTube, but I can’t find it! Any chance of a linky?
    Also – is Sigma’s interview on there as well?


  3. Post
  4. How about providing the YouTube links here for those of us who eschew Facebook? Please?

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