The Ood Cast S03E10b – Gallifrey or Bust: Day Two

“It’s like looking in a dark wood and finding all the squirrels have the faces of friends.”

Welcome back.

The first full day of Gallifrey has been and gone & the two globe-trotting Oods have been stunned by the sheer generosity and warmth of welcome they’ve received on the West coast of the Americas.

Join them now for a short recap of the day, an explanation that sheds some light on Laura’s childhood, a daring escape in a dimensionally-transcendental suitcase and a song about convention badge ribbons.

Feistier than an entire lagoon of Amy Ponds.

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  1. Cameo from Chip! Huzzah!
    I’m so glad you guys are covering Gally this year. I’ve never been, but am desperate to get there, so thanks for telling me precisely what to look forwards to.
    You guys were talking about the ribbons, and I didn’t know if you knew that last year Tommy Knight, who is of course Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures, got so many ribbons he made a kilt of them. Here’s the picture (if the link doesn’t work, just try copy and pasting it into the web address place thingy, sometimes my links are evil):
    Random, I know. But I thought you might like it.
    Congratulations, Oods, and welcome to the nerdy part of America!

  2. Brilliant minisode… I’ll be going back to some of the full-length episodes soon.

    Good to meet Chris Sigma at the con too! (I gave you the Rowan Atkinson ribbon:) ).

  3. Brilliant episode guys. I really want soemthing like Gallifrey in Australia. Or any type of convention.
    I also wonder… how many drinks did you have to buy everyone?

  4. Haha. I live in Pennsylvania, and that’s exactly how I answer people’s questions when they ask me about all my t-shirts and all my music and all my quotes.

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