The Ood Cast S03E10a – Gallifrey or Bust: Day One

“In a special treat for listeners in the UK, Andrew & Chris will be recording themselves crying gently into their tea.”

In the first of a proposed series of five mini-episodes, Sigma & Laura set off for the Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles, leaving poor old Andy & Alpha behind to fend for themselves in the chilly gloom of London Town.

Listen as our heroes share their hopes & fears for the coming week before a special song at the end rubs it in, Denver-style.

Then keep listening every day this week for updates on the convention, interviews (if we pluck up the courage to talk to guests) & other stuff that we’ll no doubt think is funny at 2 in the morning when we’re three sheets to the wind.

You can also follow us through the lens of the Twitterverse at @theoodcast and #gally.

Happy trails.

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  2. Being American myself, I appreciate the comment about all American food being fried… *laugh* You’re right, y’know.
    Looking forwards to the Gally podcasts (it’s snuck up on me, I need to get loads of podcasts). Remember- I’ve never been to a convention, so I live vicariously through other podcasters.
    Enjoy your interview and casserole with Steven Moffat! *wink*

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